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Pet Stains And Odours Sydney

For pet stains and odours on synthetic, wall to wall carpeting, we have three treatment options:

1) Minor Stain and Odour Treatment:

We use a solution which contains no harsh chemicals, is entirely organic, and is 100% biodegradable. The solution is sprayed on each urine spot before steam cleaning to neutralize the urine bacteria and ammonia that cause the visible stain and the odour. If either the stain or odour still remain after cleaning, we will apply additional topical treatments including Hydra master Multiphase deodorizer.

This procedure will help reduce odours and stains that reside on the surface of the carpeting but is not intended to remedy severe odours and staining. If you are able to smell the odour as soon as you enter the room, this is not a “minor” odour. This will help reduce or control the problem, not eliminate it. Minor odours can only be smelled if you put your nose directly to the carpet. The amount of these specialty chemicals needed depends on the severity and size of the problem.

2) Moderate Stain and Odour Treatment:

This is our most popular pet stain removal method and features our patented Water Claw sub-surface extractor. In this process, we saturate the affected area with a special oxidizing deodorizer so that the carpet pad is flooded with the mixture. Frequently, when animals urinate on the carpet, the sheer volume of liquid causes it to seep beneath the surface into the backing, pad, and even into the sub-floor. After about 20 minutes of “dwell” time, we use our patented Water Claw sub-surface extractor to pull the urine and chemical out. Then, we re-saturate the entire area with pure water to adequately rinse the contaminant and chemical from each layer.

If we are able to remove the stain initially, we guarantee that the stain will not return. This method is also extremely effective at removing odours. However, moderate odour treatment is not guaranteed. This is because odours can potentially be embedded so deeply in the wooden sub-floor that even the combination of our powerful truck-mounted vacuum and our Water Claw, are not powerful enough to suck them out. Also, odours can be present on other objects in the room.

3) Severe Odour Treatment:

This procedure is a very intensive process which is designed to restore a damaged area. We recommend opting for this procedure only if the urinating pet is no longer living in the home. First, we un-tack the carpeting in the affected area. Then we use a razor blade to cut the contaminated section of padding out. A heavy layer of plastic is then placed under the carpet while we thoroughly saturate it with oxidizer and deodorizer. Then, the sub-floor and backing of the carpet are coated with an odour blocking agent. Finally, a new piece of padding is put into place and the carpet is tacked back down. This procedure is recommended only extremely severe situations. Pricing for this procedure depends on the size of the area being treated.

*95% of the time, our minor and moderate treatment methods are used. To learn which method is best for your pet stain problems, call Ryno at 0435904527 for a FREE phone consultation.

Other Pet Stain and Odour Removal Scenarios

Urine on Upholstery

Usually, removing the actual stain caused by the urine is not a problem. A few squirts of our stain remover usually does the trick for urine stains caused by dogs, cats, humans, and other pets. However, odour removal can potentially be extremely difficult. It all depends on where the urine is on your furniture. If your pet “sprayed” or “marked” the piece of furniture on the front, side, or back, odour removal will probably be successful. But if your pet’s urine soaked down into a foam cushion, it can be almost impossible to completely remove.

"What can I do myself to combat pet accidents?"

We recommend ALL carpet owners invest in a wet vac. These come in very handy for extracting spills, pet stains and other liquid accidents from your carpet. Also, if you have pets, we sell a professional grade urine stain remover and an alcohol-based deodorizer designed to neutralize any type of organic odour. These chemicals can be very useful in keeping your home looking and smelling great between cleanings. Please note that these chemicals should only be used for minor pet stain and odour problems. If you need urine extracted from the carpet pad, call us immediately!

"Can you remove vomit from carpet?"

Usually, pet vomit removal is fairly easy. If your pet vomits, try to remove as much liquid from the carpet as possible by either blotting it with a towel or using a wet vac. This increases the chances that we will be able to successfully remove the vomit. There are some cheap pet foods which contain an artificial (synthetic) red dye. Unfortunately, vomit stains that contain food with artificial dye are extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to remove from synthetic carpet and upholstery. If your pet’s food contains dye, the best thing that you can do when he or she vomits is call us immediately! DO NOT use any chemicals on the stain. This gives us the best chance to successfully remove the stain.

"Is pet odour removal backed by your 100% guarantee?"

Unfortunately not. Pet odours can be in more places than just where you see. They can be in the sub-floor, baseboards, curtains, on the walls, and just in the air.